2018 – k/no/w-go-zones

k/no/w-go-zones is a traveling piece through Berlin by dance collective Grupo Oito, it was performed during the Berlin Performing Art Festival 2018.

Choregraphy: Ricardo De Paula / Dramaturgy: Nora Haakh / Dramaturgical advice on text: Marie Yan / Costume design: Andreina Vieira Dos Santos / Sound design: Grupo Oito / Texts: Grupo Oito


How do we move in public space? How does public space move us? Which rules are at play? And for whom? What does it take to turn a No-Go-Area into a Now-Go!-Zone?

In this interactive performance parcours with narrative elements, the audience will move through layers of urban hi/stories between the personal and the political. Crossing Berlin through several stations, that count as No-Go-Zones for some, we are all taking part in this play with social and spatial dynamics. When do we close ourselves, what helps us to open up? How to express embodied experience, and share it – beyond the boundaries of our specific social position, too? The Performance makes bitter and surprising realities visible, invites for focus shifts in perception, and opens up spaces of possibiliy and intervention.



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