2021 – A Tidal Home

A Tidal Home is a collaboration between Berlin and Hong Kong performing artists, a play about home and climate catastrophe, what it means to decide to leave or stay.
I moved to Hong Kong to write the play from scratch, further developing a method I started with Artes Moriendi (2018), that I refer to – for the moment – as Fictionalisation of the Self, inspired by Biographisches Theater and techniques of documentary theatre. In a series of workshops, the creative team came together to share memories, anecdotes and legends all related to their feeling of being home. From there, a gallery of characters was born that I wove together on the backdrop of a city being flooded.

Report on the production (English/Cantonese) P-articles here (video)
Report (Cantonese) P-articles – automated English translation here (article)

Review (Cantonese) by Bernice Chan from the International Association of Theatre Critics (IATC)
Article (Cantonese) HK Feature – automated English translation here

Programme here

Director Kwun Fee CHAN
Initiators of the project Karen CHEUNG, Anne Yuk Ting TAM, Marie YAN
Playwright Marie YAN
Production Dialogues of Oceanus
Distribution Kaki LUK, Boon-Ho SUNG, Anne Yuk Ting TAM, Russell TERRE ARANZA

The project was funded by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council and the New Earth Theatre Seed Commission.

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