2016 – 2018: working with Grupo Oito

I met the dance collective Grupo Oito in 2016, in the tent it had set up during a networking event for performing arts in Berlin. Since then I follow its work and experiments and sometimes take part in them: thanks to the trust of choregrapher and artistic director of the collective Ricardo de Paula, I learned dramaturgy for dance. The unique approach of Grupo Oito to improvisation, emotional and physical preparation, its use of technology and text, the diversity of its members, its relentless effort to make dance by looking at the most contemporary questions, taking them in their hands as they burn holes in our everyday lives and politics is what makes Grupo Oito in my eyes one of the most exciting dance collective to follow.

Some of the work we collaborated on:
2017 – Unrestricted Contact
2018 – k/no/w-go zones

photo: Ballhaus Naunynstrasse