Online and offline writings. // Écrits en ligne et ailleurs.


The Devil’s Pod Diary I lived in Hong Kong between January and September 2021, to write the play A Tidal Home and a companion book. I tried to keep the Devil’s Pod Diary updated to explore the meanders of moving to this city that I never knew and yet is part of me, at a moment it was going through dramatic political changes. I am still in the process of writing up parts of my stay, which left me breathless.

I’m otherwise quite active on social media, you can have a look here: @horses_crossing for the lastest images of my psychic and physical travels, spontaneous poems and miscellanous thoughts.


, pièce radiophonique, 2020. FR
Room with a view
, 2020. EN
Kantonesisch Lernen
, 2018.DE
, 2018. DE

A Tidal Home
, 2021. EN
I need to cross,
2019. EN, FR
La Théorie, 2019. – FR
Black Gold
*, 2019. – DE
Artes Moriendi – Ways of Dying, 2018. – EN
Wahrhaft krumme Balken*, 2018. DE
A quick decision can be made – a story of the Detained Fast-Track, 2015. EN
The Fog, 2015. EN


“Queer. An interview with Jury Salustiano Trojaborg”, FRATZ Reflections, 2020, p.12-15.
“A progressive glossary of thoughts and intersections”, race.gender.class Symposium, FRATZ Festival 2020.

Looking for a feminist body in dance, journal of a movement’s archive, co-authored with Natalie Riedelsheimer, Caroline Alves and Kathleen Kunath, 2019, under construction.*

“Did you think of the children? A conversation we started”, FRATZ Reflections 2019, Theater o.N., p.30-35.

Fanon’s Black skin, white masks: a dramaturgical reading, document produced during the creation of Unrestricted Contact by dance collective Grupo Oito, 2017.

La performance déléguée : utopie du ou de la “performeur*euse émancipé*e” et effacement de l’artiste ? Analyse de trois productions utilisant la performance déléguée par trois compagnies de théâtre : Nature Theatre of Oklahoma, Mammalian Diving Reflex, El Conde de Torrefiel, Colloque (dés)identification de la figure de l’artiste, Université de Metz, 2017.

June 20, Cologne, A recall of June 21st: in praise of the exploded chronology of film shooting, July 6, Berlin, Production blog of the live-theatre film project Germany 2071 by the Nature Theater of Oklahoma, 2016.

Dramaturgy for dance and a thought on an all-female performance, The Red Line, 2016.

Hong-Kong: Le théâtre et les gratte-ciels, 2014.


Le chaudron – Journal d’écriture de mon premier roman, Étés // The cauldron – About writing my first novel, Étés, 2019.

Fascination, 2014-2018, short stories collection, (French).


Poèmes de la patience, recueil court de poèmes, 2017 (French).

Pieces followed by * are commissions // Les écrits suivis d’une * sont des commandes d’écriture
EN – original in English, DE – original in German, FR – original in French // EN – l’original est en anglais, DE – l’original est en allemand, FR – l’original est en français.
Selection of scripts available on demand // Certaines de mes pièces sont disponibles sur demande, en traduction également pour la majorité des textes.