2014 – The Fog

I don’t remember clearly when it all started. Probably the day after that lorry driver somewhere drove over a five years old girl, back and forth. I remember I looked at the CCTV of the scene. You could barely see anything, really. There was just a confused mix of coloured dots, hardly distinguishable, but still, it was happening. Back. And forth. All I could see. The day after I watched the video, when I went out of the house, I noticed something had changed. It wasn’t me. It was around me.

As an entire city – or maybe is it the whole world? – starts to disappear under a supernatural fog, a little community sees its bonds slowly deteriorating. Surrounded by shadows and vanishing visions, when exactly do we start losing balance?

Directed by Sam Rowe, creator of the “complex and forthright” Denton And Me (****The Herald) and director of Robert Softley’s “outstanding” If These Spasms Could Speak (*****Fringe Review).

Performed at Stereo, Glasgow, the 7th and 8th April 2015.
Supported by the Mary Leishman scholarship and the Adam Smith Foundation.

The Fog – Programme


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