The in- and outsider

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Working as a dramaturge has brought me in contact with a myriad of different projects. Whether dance, theatre, circus… I have never learned so much than sitting in the rehearsal room, listening to a piece in the making and trying to accompany as best as I could a thought, an emotion, a statement as it was taking shape.

Over the years I think I have identified a few of the ways I like to work – and also some I do not want to repeat. I try to reflect on them here.

A few topics I’m interested in:

  • Postcolonial and decolonial body politics
  • Aesthetic “tone-policing” or shaming (or how to question the upper-class Western cannon)
  • Non-aristotelian dramaturgies, particularly cyclical dramaturgies and dramaturgies working with impressions
  • The use of text in dance
  • Explanation versus translation of minority cultures and codes on stage